Bronx Artist, Brisco Bash AKA Vito Drops New Music Video, “Took A Risk”

The Bronx, New York is known as the home of Hip Hop. Many talented creatives are inspired to pursue music. Born and raised in the Boogie Down, Brisco Bash aka Vito was raised in a caribbean household. His upbringing is his main source of inspiration. He uses his life struggles and story to motivate and create timeless yet fun music. Growing up his biggest musical influences were; Mavado,  Vybz Kartel, 50cent , Camron, Jay-z and Gucci Mane. He always had a diverse taste and keen ear for good music. His unique sound consists of a gritty flow mixed in with a New York caribbean vibe. His strength as an artist is the ability to come up with a strong hook on spot once he hears a beat he can enjoy. Vito started making music for fun as a hobby, as time progressed he continued to perfect his craft and take it seriously. His first record was titled, “Chasing That Bag” featuring Lucci Crime and produced by Yearbeatz. His first music video was, “The Plan” featuring Trippy Travv. After receiving such positive feedback he continued to push his pen. He began to gain momentum in 2017, after releasing the single and video to, “Count It Up.” After reaching over 30,000+ views it only motivated him to excel. His ultimate goal is to become a platinum selling artist and create better opportunities for his peers and the younger generation. His biggest accomplishment thus far has been being interviewed by HOT97’s DJ Drewski and hitting over 250,000+ views combined on YouTube.

He now releases the visual to, “Took A Risk,” which sets the vibe for what to expect. As he turns up in the video, he told us the creative process behind it:

“What inspired this song was just people counting me out not believing in what I had going on. Which showed me you can’t sit back waiting on people or for stuff to happen you gotta go out take a risk or to real self & manifest what you want. I went back listened to my first record count it up and played it over and over. Then I was like alright I gotta go with this kind of flow again . So I hit my producer who made Count It up For me and told him send me something similar to our last record. He sent me three beats that night and one out of the three became Took A Risk.”

With almost 200,000 views on YouTube, Vito displays exactly how he is coming this year!

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Nike Air Force 1 Low and Travis Scott Sneaker collab is Coming Soon

Travis Scott is the latest rapper to release a collaborative shoe with the footwear brand, Nike. The sportswear giant and hip hop star are releasing a low cut Air Force 1 sneaker. Not sure on whether or not to cop the new Nike Air Force 1 x Travis Scott ? Let me help you decide.

In celebration of Nike’s 35th anniversary with Air Force 1, the brand has some new unique features for the latest shoe. The new kicks have an all white canvas placed on top of a white midsole with a gum bottom sole. The sneaker will include reflective accents on the canvas. There are also three different attachable velcro Nike Swoosh logos and velcro patches so that you can customize your own look. These three attachable Swoosh logos can be attached to the sneaker’s upper, custom patches with Travis’ record label logo, Cactus Jack, and his grill.

Travis Scott’s Nike Air Force 1 Low kicks are set to release nationwide on Tuesday, December 5th. For all international retailers, they are set to drop on December 12th.They will be sold for about $150 at select retailers as well as online at Nike.Com.

To help show off the updated look of the new collaborative silhouette check out the photos below:

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Yo Gotti – “Juice” (Offical Video)

The gift that keeps on giving!

Spreading the Christmas cheer fresh off Roc Nation’s “3 Kings” collab with DJ Khaled and Fabolous, Yo Gotti’s got the juice in latest single. The recent track, “Juice”, is off his ninth studio album, “I Still Am. Today (Nov. 30), Gotti released the visuals for his latest banger.

The crisp video shows Gotti stuntin’ around nice whips in his minks with the glossy jewels, surrounded by models strutting down the runway. The sparkling clip consists of icy chains, flashy outfits, and images spliced together. Images, including a black panther, a Muhammad Ali-style knockout, and a tribute to the legends of the 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman.

The video wraps up with a game of Ace Of Spades, D’Usse being poured out for friends, and a quick cameo of Tory Lanez.

Make sure to check out “I Still Am, the album is available now and has some dope features! Watch “Juice” below.

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The Grilled Up Genius – Farnum

From youngest battle rapper for Grind Time, (The World’s No. 1 Rap Battle League) to recent collabs, Farnum has a lot of years in the rap game.

As we close out November, this week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek is Tampa Bay’s very own, Farnum. Farnum, previously known as Lil’ Farnum, transitioned from battle rap to commercial rap. The grilled up genius stays in the studio and has been in sessions with everyone from DJ Khaled and Lil’ Yatchy to Gunplay and Dizzy Wright. His grind is undeniable and his music is lyrically dope. Keep an eye out for new music coming soon! But first, check out some of our interview below.

•Who are your musical inspirations? 
I grew up a fan of bars but have always been a fan of the saucy shit! Drake can make a hit out of anything, Cole talks to the soul, 50 is a business god, Migos & Young Thug innovate, and the new kids like Pump & Ski Mask just do what they want.

•How do you feel about where hip hop is and where it’s going ?
Change is good. Hip-Hop is forever evolving! If it didn’t it would die like disco. It’s in the hands of us, the young people. We won’t kill it, but we are definitely going to change this shit.

•How did you get your start in hip hop? 
My older brother was 10 years older than me. So as a kid I grew up listening to No Limit, Snoop, Hov, ‪G-Unit‬, Em, etc.. and was always a fan. His friend started a little battle league when I was like 12 and I went and learned how to freestyle and all the other shit, a year later got picked up by Grind Time.

•How would you describe your sound? 
VIBES!!! My new shit is super wavy. Definitely new school, but don’t get me twisted I still have bars in there. You’d never know I was a battle rapper… which was the goal lmao.

•How has being a battle rapper influenced your mentality as an artist?
Battle rappers are cursed and can’t make records!!! I love them to death.. but damn lol. I can bar anyones life away, but thats an alter ego that never comes out anymore. This music is fun, it makes you feel dope, I slip clever shit in there but thats about it as far as battle influence.

Do you think it’s had a positive affect on you becoming a mainstream artist? 
For sure Minnee, I appreciate all aspects of the art. It made me sharp, witty, and helped me build relationships with a lot of important people. It’s my foundation.

•Aside from being a rapper, what other creative endeavors have you or did you engage in? 
I sing, act, did radio, and direct videos. I’m just a creative person. I feel like all big artists are. I suck at drawing though lmao.

•How do you feel as being a videographer yourself, affect your creative vision for your own videos when someone else is behind the camera?
I work a lot with my boy Brent Mendoza, he does all my visuals for me. Bro is super dope. He has a dope eye and is creative just like me. I usually come up with the treatments for my videos but he is always involved with the process.

•What is your favorite track/EP that you have made to date?
My newest project! It’s honestly true to myself. I like to wild out and have fun, and that’s what I do here. I had a lot of fun making this project and I think people will receive it well.

•What are some current projects that you are working on?
I haven’t announced it yet, but shit.. I’m here, I might as well. My new project dropping next month is called BUBBLEGUM TRAP.

•Where can your fans go to find and listen to your music ? 
My shit is everywhere. All steaming stores, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.. Just search Farnum!

•So Farnum, shout out your social media handles so listeners can check you out: 
IGTwitter, & Snapchat is @FarnumGrindtime – Facebook is Farnum Tampa (They played me on my name! Haha)

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Kelela Gets Seductive In “Blue Light” Visual

Last month, singer/song writer Kelela dropped her second studio album, Take Me Apart, followed by a snippet from her short film “All It Took” last week.Well just a couple days ago, the DC singer released the official video for her second single, “Blue Light” off of the recent album.

Throughout the video, Kelela stares into the camera seductively in what seems to be an ice cave. Her dreads begin to grow longer draping her body as she slowly undresses herself.

Check out the short film teaser and new steamy video below:


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